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Event Rental FAQ

How long can my rental last?

Rental times are from 10AM to midnight. All rehearsals, set-ups, decorating, break-downs, clean-ups, etc. must be done the day of the rental.

What do I do if I need a longer rental time?

This is something that you will need to speak with the management about. Please contact Debbie Alphin or Elaine Bartlett. Depending on what your needs are, we will try to accommodate as much as possible.

Am I responsible for clean-up?

Yes, renters are responsible for some clean-up. All trash must be removed from all areas used and disposed of in the provided location on campus. Additional cleaning instructions will be provide in the rental agreement. 

If agreed upon contractual cleaning obligations are not properly followed, additional charges may be added to your total.

Are security deposits included in the rental fee?

No, security deposits are separate fees. However, they are refundable.


Do I have to use YCPA's decorator, caterer, or DJ?

No! While YCPA will be happy to offer suggestions, feel free to use whomever you'd like.


Are lights and sound included in theatre rentals?

No. Our in-house sound and lighting techs will contact you prior to your event with further information.

Can I sell concessions at an event? Can concessions be brought into the theatre?

Yes! Feel free to utilize the Atrium's bar as a concession stand for your event. As long as it's cleaned up after the event, food and drink are more than welcome into the Younts Center!

Who do I talk to about potentially using the Younts Center for my event?

Contact Debbie Alphin, the Executive Director, or Elaine Bartlett, Operations Manager. They are available by phone during business hours at (864) 409-1050, or you can find their email addresses via the CONTACT page of this site.

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