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Colored Theatre Lights

Theatre Rentals

The main attraction here at the Younts Center for Performing Arts, of course, is THE YOUNTS THEATRE. Seating 419 people, the Younts Theatre is perfect for all sorts of performances. From concerts and school performances to pageants and recitals, the Younts Theatre has something for everyone to enjoy and utilize.


One-Day Theatre Rental

Two-Day Theatre Rental



Most theatre rentals take place over one to two days. The Atrium and the Green Room (with two Dressing Rooms) are includedAdditional areas, such as The Grainger Room or the Banquet Hall can be added on to your rental by request. These locations are especially useful for school productions, competitions, or other performances with large groups that may need more space. The Grainger Room and / or the Banquet Hall can be added on for an additional $250 per room.

Technical Elements

All renters must use Younts Center approved sound and lighting board operators. Renters will discuss options for sound and lighting designs with in-house tech and will be charged accordingly.

Rates for technical accommodations are as follows:

PRESET LIGHTING OPERATOR: $25 per hour (4 hour minimum)

*By choosing this lighting option, you will use the 10 general "presets" that have already been designed in the Younts Center's space.

SOUND OPERATOR: $25 per hour (4 hour minimum)


CUSTOM LIGHTING DESIGN & OPERATION: $250 set-up fee + $25 per hour

Rehearsals and Load-Ins

Additional full and half-day rehearsal / load-in times are available for purchase. Half-day rehearsals are $500 while additional, full-day rehearsals are $1,000. (This pricing does not include techs.)

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