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The Younts Center for Performing Arts has many opportunities for volunteers. As a member of the Volunteer Corps, you are a personal representative of the Younts Center and its performers. Our goal is to always provide an enjoyable arts experience for our patrons. This is an important responsibility entrusted to the all volunteers who contribute of their time. Thank you for your interest in helping us.

The following opportunities are available for those who would like to volunteer with us:

On Stage

Anyone who ever wanted to perform, from beginner to most seasoned performer, is welcome to audition for our productions. Watch our website for more upcoming audition information to learn more about what to prepare for an audition and what to expect. Some auditions require advance registration.


  • Set Design/ Construction/ Painting - Volunteers help build, repair, paint, and tear down sets. It is helpful for volunteers in this area to have some construction or painting background, but by no means is this required. Both daytime and night hours are available.

  • Lighting/ Sound - Training will be provided. Some jobs can be shared with another person, and some require that you are there every performance and throughout tech week prior to the show opening. This is a job that requires commitment and the ability to follow a script. (We are always looking for spotlight operators! This is an easy skill to learn.)

  • Props - This position is part of the stage crew. Properties are all of the set dressings and small articles used in a production. Time commitment is the full run of the show plus tech week and some rehearsals.

  • Costumes - Volunteers are instrumental in sewing costumes as well as putting finishing touches on projects. Time requirements vary with each show, but hours are flexible with your schedule.

  • Stage Management/ Stage Hands/ Run Crew - Each show requires many people working back stage to make everything on stage happen. From cleaning before a performance, to preparing the set, coordinating special effects and moving set pieces for each scene change, there’s a lot happening back stage. Time commitment is the full run of the show plus tech week. Volunteers can work every night of a production or trade shifts with another volunteer. This requires a highly responsible person.

Audience Services

  • Ushers - This is a great way to get started volunteering and meet a lot of people. Ushers are friendly and helpful. They are responsible to greet the public, take tickets, help patrons find their seats and hand out programs. We use several ushers for each show. Arrival time is 60 minutes before a performance.

  • Doorpersons - Act as the host/hostess of the theatre by being in the lobby and taking tickets for the downstairs patrons. They answer any questions that come up and arrive to volunteer 30 minutes prior to start of performance.

  • Concessions - Work in our concession area in the lobby. Proceeds help to support our theatre.

Other Areas

  • Assistant Directors and Stage Managers - This is a great opportunity to work closely with the Director of a show. You must be available to come to all rehearsals. Stage Managers watch the script and blocking and take notes for the Director. Assistant Directors works with the Director and must to have previous acting or directing experience.

  • Business Office - Volunteers are often needed to assist in data entry, filing and general office work. Time and commitment vary.

  • Community Resource Development/ Grant Writing - If you have the gift of networking, creating great relationships with businesses and organizations and/or possibly like to submit for grants to develop fund specialized workshops and education programs.

  • Maintenance - Even though the City maintains the cleanliness of the theatre, we always need some touch ups. This would include general cleaning and upkeep of the theatre.

  • Theatre/ Arts/ Music/ Dance Educators

  • Hospitality - Volunteers are regularly needed to assist board members with special events, such as cast parties, etc. We always need people on call to help.

  • Tour Guides - This will generally be done by a Board member as Training is required. Must be good with people and have a good memory. Also must be able to climb multiple stairs around theatre.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering in any capacity is

encouraged to contact the Younts Center by completing the form below.

Thank you so much for your time and your interest in volunteering with us.

Physical Laor
Event Help
Seasonal Help
Teatrical Production Help
Office Help

Thanks for the submission!

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